Led by Jason Emert and Adam Ellison, YR Majority is a coalition of Young Republicans dedicated to  growing the Young Republican National Federation (YRNF) and championing our Republican values. Not since the 1920s has the Republican Party completely dominated the leadership in both Washington and throughout the country. In building a broad coalition, full of successful and dedicated young women and men from every region of the country, this campaign will be focused on continuing the work of building, sustaining, and advancing Republican majorities in local, state, and national elections.

As a Party, we are on the cusp of turning electoral wins into lasting change for all Americans, especially millennials and generations to follow. Because of this the YRNF sits at an important crossroad in history.

Our team is full of the best Young Republican women and men from around the country, each dedicated to keeping and growing our Republican majorities at the national and state level. This is why our team is ‘YR Majority.’ We are committed to defending and increasing the majorities won: 52 Senators, 241 congressmen, 33 governorships, 32 state legislatures, and numerous state constitutional officers and judges. Not to mention the majority of Young Republicans who support our campaign.

In doing so, we are going to work together with the RNC and Republican affiliated organizations to advance our work first in building chapters and membership where we are not represented throughout the country in the 3,084 counties won by President-elect Donald J. Trump and the 241 congressional seats held by Republicans.

Our vision of the Young Republican National Federation is as a grassroots organization. Our leaders understand the importance of grassroots organizing – this is where YRNF will make the difference in spearheading Republican outreach. To protect and expand our majorities we must reach the largest demographic in the country: Young Americans. YR Majority will be at the forefront of ensuring this goal becomes a reality and the American Dream is secure for all Young Americans.