Hilary Hagenbuch

Finance Director

Hilary W. Hagenbuch is the President of the San Francisco Young Republicans, the national Finance Chair for the Young Republican National Federation, an elected official on the San Francisco Republican Party RCCC of which she also serves as the Vice Chair to the party, a whip and delegate to the California Republican Party, as well as a national alternate delegate for the RNC.

Since her College Republican days, Ms. Hagenbuch has been a longtime dedicated leader working hard for the Republican party.  Hilary has worked for multiple campaigns including most recently as a bundler for Jeb Bush, and a state coalition leader for the Ted Cruz campaign during the 2016 Presidential election, all while working in corporate finance.  Recently Ms. Hagenbuch transitioned from finance to working full time in politics as an international political consultant.

Hilary comes from a long line of Republicans, most notably her great grandmother, Clare Boothe Luce, who served in the House of Representatives for Connecticut, as the Ambassador to Italy, and the Ambassador to Brazil.

Born and raised in liberal hotbed San Francisco, Ms. Hagenbuch describes growing up in San Francisco as “living behind enemy lines.”  Although difficult at times, she finds the work and dedication to California and the Republican party of the utmost importance.