Josué Rivera

Northeastern Regional Director

Josue Rivera was the National President of the Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association. He previously served at the National level as Secretary and Treasurer. Joe started as President of the PRSSA University of Puerto Rico – Bayamon Chapter where he graduated from Business School. In the private sector, he was worked for local and global big 4 accounting firms, where he currently works.

A staunch advocate of the statehood movement for Puerto Rico, Josue is a distinguished and visionary young leader from San Juan. Since his early days, Josue has been recognized as leader by his peers for all his genuine social and political contributions to Puerto Rican society. Following his passion for political governance, Rivera has been an integral member of the Puerto Rico Statehood Student Association (PRSSA). While being the President of the PRSSA- UPR Bayamón Chapter in 2009-2010, Josue always ensured to work in a collaborative and teamwork-oriented environment. His unique and humble leadership approach is what truly separates him from others. Moreover, he is the founder of the chapter’s effort in campaigning for Pedro Pierlusi’s bill, HR2499, in which he motivated his colleagues to promote discussions on the bill and to help him spread the word through the different social media outlets. Also, along with other friends, he has been in charge of the development of the statehood newspaper La Razón (The Reason), which intends to create a cyber space in which statehooder stay informed and voice their opinions through publishing articles..

Furthermore, Rivera has been able to reach out to the media, advocating for statehood in all its aspects. Local radio stations, such as NotiUno, commonly provide Josue with the opportunity to express his views and comment on the daily issues that Puerto Ricans confront. Additionally, Josué Rivera is known for being the man with “magic touch”! His friends recognize his sincere enthusiasm when it comes to the recruitment of new pro-statehood supporters of all ages. For instance, Rivera has demonstrated his passion to integrate all pro-statehood members by organizing forums and discussions in which statehooders come all together as one big family in order to exchange perspectives. A very successful event that Rivera organized and coordinated with the help of others was the “Rights, liberties and the practical benefits acquired under statehood” entertained by Dr. Ricardo Rosselló its guest speaker. Even more, Rivera has put his intellectual knowledge and leadership abilities into practical experiences. Having actively participated in the Batasar Corrada del Rio Internship of Puerto Rico’s Department of State, Rivera went above and beyond to earn the trust of his superiors and develop close ties with many active and retired politicians.

On a personal level, it is important to mention that Josué Rivera is also a leader of his school and community. After years of hard work and overcoming a myriad of personal obstacles, Rivera had the blessing of being named Cadet Lt. Colonel of the Civil Air Patrol -U.S. Air Force Auxiliary. In 2009, he earned the “Cadet of the Year- Wing and Group Level” award. He participated in the National Exchange Club (NEC) – San Juan Chapter, in which he was the Youth Caucus Chairman, and was recognized with the “Youth of the month” award in 2007 and “Youth of the Year 2008-2009” award in the year after. Also, Rivera has been active in the State Department’s efforts to Help Haiti, giving a hand to the Assistant Project Manager in everything he had needed; as well, he has coordinated, alongside with other PRSSA colleagues, the organization’s efforts to help the people of Japan after the tsunami catastrophe.