Lia Fahey

Northeastern Regional Director

In the summer of 2012, Massachusetts native Lia Fahey moved back home after her 6 year stint in New York City and caught the political bug when she got involved with Scott Brown’s US Senate re-election campaign.  Through the campaign, she quickly was introduced to and welcomed into the MassYRs.

Despite the devastating 2012 Brown and Romney election losses, Lia’s hunger for politics continued to grow.  After receiving the 2012 MassYR Woman of the Year Award, she went onto to serve as Executive Director and then National Committeewoman for the MassYrs.  Serving in both positions, she volunteered and helped organize deployments for special elections and other local races.

As part of the MassGOP’s strategy to get Charlie Baker elected Governor in 2014, Lia was hired as campaign manager for the MassGOP’s candidate for State Auditor.

In 2015, Lia was elected by the Northeast Caucus as Regional Director serving the New England states.  She was instrumental in Vermont’s pursuit to be chartered with the YRNF.  As a strong believer in open communication, Lia has also strengthened the relationships of the other New England states with the YRNF.

Lia works as a Project Manager in the Baker Administration’s Division of Banks, a revenue generating state regulatory agency in the Commonwealth.  Her strong coordination skills in juggling multiple projects with many different stake holders will continue to be of great benefit to the YRNF in her second term as Regional Director.