Matthew Hebb

Resolutions Committe Chairman

Matthew Hebb is currently serving as Chairman of North Carolina and Co-Chair of the Resolutions and Policy Committee.  Matthew has been involved in the Young Republicans in his state since 2008, and has helped to start and reorganize several clubs across the state.  Matthew formerly worked for Governor Pat McCrory, managed several campaigns including that of Hunter Murphy, a newly elected 35-year-old Court of Appeals Judge in North Carolina, two Congressional campaigns, and worked as the regional director for the Connect NC Committee.  Matthew holds a Master’s in Public Policy Campaigning and Elections from Liberty University.  He currently works with the NC Department of Cultural and Natural Resources, is a member of the Zoological Park Council of NC, and is a member of the North Carolina Natural Sciences Museum Advisory Board.

Matthew has been a registered Republican since he registered at 18.  He currently lives in Raleigh, NC and has lived in North Carolina since 2004, prior to that he lived in the Daytona Beach area of Florida.  In his free time, he enjoys going to independent coffee shops, traveling, and attending hard rock and metal shows.