Sarah Drye

Assistant Secretary

Sarah Drye is a dedicated, conservative political activist currently serving as chairman of the Arkansas Federation of Young Republicans. She first became involved in politics in 2008 as a volunteer on Governor Mike Huckabee’s Presidential campaign. She joined the Young Republicans in 2009, and has served in various elected positions on the state executive board since 2011, including Chair of the Central Arkansas Young Republican club in 2013. She has served on the YRNF Finance Committee since 2015, and was appointed Southern Region representative to the YRNF Site Selection and Oversight Committee in 2016.

Sarah has volunteered her time and energy to countless local and statewide races in every election since 2010. Sarah has worked as a fundraiser, finance consultant, and event planner for local and statewide political candidates, including the Tom Cotton for U.S. Senate campaign in 2014.  She has also assisted with fundraising and events for the Asa Hutchinson for Governor campaign, Congressmen Rick Crawford and Bruce Westerman, and for numerous professional associations, political action committees, and 501(c)4 organizations, and is an associate member of the National Association of Political Fundraisers.

In addition to her involvement in politics, Sarah works as a registered nurse in the Little Rock area.  She has volunteered for homeless, adult disability, addiction recovery, free health clinic, and disaster relief outreaches and ministries, as well as the VA hospital and the U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots program annually.  While she greatly enjoys working, politicking, and volunteering, she enjoys most of all spending time with her son, Hudson Thomas.